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Social Responsibility

ESG Principles

Sustainable development for us is adherence to the principles of business humanization, responsibility to society and the environment along with high quality corporate governance. In the long term both business and society as a whole will benefit from the implementation of the principles of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance).

The business of Derzhava Bank is environmentally friendly and socially responsible since we work with enterprises that are somehow related to the environment and the social sphere. We have many clients who build schools, kindergartens, landscaping yards, playgrounds. There is a pool of clients who are engaged in the processing of garbage, land reclamation and improving the efficiency of utilities in terms of heating and water treatment. All of them are doing a good deed, and our guarantees are an integral part of their business.

We have drastically reduced the consumption of paper in the office, actively introducing digital workflow into business processes. We have reduced the number of servers and opted for cloud technologies and energy-saving equipment.

Personnel Policy

The bank's personnel policy is aimed at careful selection of people who are not only highly qualified, but also share our values (focus on results, maximum efficiency, adaptability to technology, creativity, customer care, mutual assistance in the team).

Many people have been working at Derzhava Bank for years and even decades because it is interesting, stable, and comfortable with us. Derzhava provides an opportunity for both horizontal and vertical growth, and the path from a courier to a serious leader is a reality in the bank.

Caring for employees is an important component of a successful, long-term business. The social package of Derzhava employees includes: corporate programs of health insurance, payments for anniversaries of work in a bank, for the birth of children, weddings, etc. Everyone has the opportunity to receive free trainings, improve their skills, participate in banking or investment seminars and conferences.

There are many graduates of Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov in the team.

Help for MSU

Derzhava Bank has long-standing close ties with the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University. Modern faculty website, which was launched in December 2021 - for the faculty's 80th anniversary - was created with the support of the bank.

The bank also funded the project to use big data and artificial intelligence in the analysis of demographic behavior and public opinion on population policy. This work became part of the scientific and educational school of Moscow State University "Brain, cognitive systems, artificial intelligence".

Derzhava Bank has been sponsoring the authoritative scientific journal of the Department of Population for several years.

During the coronavirus pandemic the faculty conducted sociological surveys, the purpose of which was to study the changing demographic situation and daily life of Russians during the lockdown. It was done with the financial support of the bank.

Thanks to the help of Derzhava Bank graduates of Faculty of of Ecomics participate in the International Leadership in Demographic Research program and receive scholarships.

Bank employees conduct seminars and webinars for students, participate in the scientific conference “Lomonosov Readings” of Moscow State University.


The bank has been taking care of the Obninsk boarding school Nadezhda and the orphanage for many years. Bank employees on their own initiative conduct creative lessons for children's institutions, participate in different ecological projects.

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